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An Overview

Conducting a research is a lot of things. It starts with working on the basic idea on what is to be researched, a careful and deep study on what has been done on the same area. This then leads to proposal writing and funds hunt and eventually start doing the actually research - the search of knowledge.

But knowledge is a product of applied information and information is a product of organised data. Again it all starts with data. So before we can come to any research conclusion data needs to be collect. This collection needs to be done in a manner that ensures that the data is clean, timely received and good for research use. And here is where we come.

We have been working on data surveillance for more than five years. In this time we have worked and supported a number of researches in 28 districts across Tanzania. We have worked with different ministries, partners, ISP and private companies to ensure that simplify the task of data collection for researchers.