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Saving lives using greener and resistance breaking mosquito control tool “Eave Tubes

EAVE TUBE - Keeping the Enemy Out

The last decade has seen remarkable successes in the global fight against malaria. Insecticide-treated bednets and indoor residual spraying, combined with improved diagnosis and powerful drug, have saved millions of lives.

But the enemy remains elusive and fights back – mosquitoes develop resistance to insecticides, and malaria parasites are becoming immune to the most powerful drugs we have. Clearly, to succeed in fighting and eventually eradicating malaria, new tools are urgently required.

From idea to field application within nine months is an amazing accomplishment Advisory Board Member

This is what the ‘Mosquito Contamination Device’ (MCD) project has as its primary goal: to develop novel and cost-effectivetools to control malaria mosquitoes. Creating new products and bioactives to successfully target mosquitoes that have become resistant to commonly used public health insecticides.

An international consortium of 5 corporate and academic partners tackles these challenges. Some 42 scientists, entrepreneurs and students work together in this 3-yr project that was launched in December 2012.

The MCD project combines laboratory research with product development and field studies to create market-ready prototypes with scientific proof-of-impact. We do not stop at research, but continue with the difficult steps towards production and commercialisation. We aim to achieve sustainable and low-tech tools that can be used in areas where they are needed the most.